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Can you name the missing words from these Dr. Seuss books?

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BookMissing WordYear First Published
And to Think I Saw It on __________ Street1937
The 500 _____ of Bartholomew Cubbins1938
The King's ______1939
The _______ Lady Godivas1939
________ Hatches the Egg1940
Mc__________'s Pool1947
Thidwick the Big-Hearted _______1948
Bartholomew and the ________1949
If I Ran the ______1950
__________ Eggs Super!1953
Horton Hears a ____!1954
On Beyond _______!1955
If I Ran the ________ 1956
How the _______ Stole Christmas!1957
The ____ in the Hat1957
The Cat in the ____ Comes Back1958
______ the Turtle and Other Stories1958
Other Story 1: Gertrude Mc_____--
Other Story 2: The Big _____--
Happy _________ to You!1959
One ______, Two _______, Red ______, Blue ______1959
Green ______ and Ham1960
The _________ and Other Stories1961
Other Story 1: The ______--
Other Story 2: Too Many ________--
Other Story 3: What Was I ________ Of?--
Dr. Suess's ________ Book1962
Dr Suess's _____1963
Hop on _____1963
Fox in _______1965
I Had Trouble in Getting to ______ Sollew1965
The Cat in the Hat ______ Book1967
The _______ Book1968
I Can ______ 30 Tigers Today! and Other Stories1969
Other Story 1: King _______ Katz--
Other Story 2: The Glunk that Got _______--
My Book about ___1970
I Can _____ It Myself by Me, Myself1970
Mr. Brown Can _____! Can You?: Dr. Seuss's Book of Wonderful Noises!1970
The ________1971
BookMissing WordYear First Published
Marvin K. ________ Will You Please Go Now!1972
Did I Ever Tell You How _______ You Are?1973
The _______ of Me and Other Stuff1973
There's a ________ in my Pocket!1974
Great Day for ____!1974
Oh, the _______ You Can Think!1975
The Cat's ________1976
I Can _______ with My Eyes Shut!1976
Oh _____ Can You ______?1978
_________ in Bunches1982
The Butter ________ Book1984
You're Only ______ Once!1986
I am NOT Going to Get Up _______!1987
The Tough _______ as He Ploughs the Dough1987
Oh, the Places You'll ______1990
Daisy-Headed ______1995
My Many ________ Days1996
Hooray for _____________ Day!1998
The ________ Seed and Other Lost Stories2011
Other Lost Story 1: The Rabbit, The Bear, and the _____________-__________--
Other Lost Story 2: Gustav, the _________--
Other Lost Story 3: _______ and Todd--
Other Lost Story 4: _______ for Supper--
Other Lost Story 5: The Strange _____ Spot--
Other Lost Story 6: The ______ Henry McBride--
Ten _______ Up on Top!1961
I Wish That I Had _______ Feet1965
Come over to My _______1966
The _____ Book1968
I Can ______! A Book by Me, Myself1971
In a ________ House1972
________ Wednesday1974
The Many Mice of Mr. _______ a.k.a. The Pop-Up Mice of Mr. _______1974
Would You Rather Be a _________?1975
__________ Humperdink...? Not Him!1976
Please Try to Remember the First of __________!1977
Maybe You Should Fly a Jet! Maybe You Should Be a _____!1980
The ________ Book1981
Because a Little _____ Went Ka-Choo!!1975

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