Word Chain: Halloween

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Can you name the words in this Halloween-themed Word Chain, where each rung begins with the last half of the previous rung?

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♜ Door-to-Door Halloween Tradition ♜
A cure or therapy
Kind of sweet, often mixed with Coke
Used to specify the hour
Direction of Spinning
Clever and pithy Witticism
The earliest light of the day
♜ 2004 Horror Film ♜
Deliberately Expressionless
A leopard
Of or relating to heat
Lack of food to eat
Healthy (of food)
Frightened; in danger
A country's military e.g. Navy
Things with a bad influence/effect
Antagonist in many genres of fiction, like Mr. Hyde to Dr. Jekyll
A plane with two engines (or French Airline)
Very dark color, like a raven
♜ Superstitious Bad Luck to see this animal ♜
A model's runway
Being released without punishment
Where a government allows all import/export
An organised association of workers
National Flag of the UK
♜ A Hollowed Out Pumpkin ♜

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