Trailer Park Boys

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Can you name the characters of the Trailer Park Boys by description?

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Puppet; vulgar and insulting
Owns the trailer park; found Randy on the streets
One of the boy's scapegoats; two braids under a hat; smarter than Trevor
Takes over the park while the boys are in prison; waves a gun and drives a corvette
One of the boy's scapegoats; mullet; 'alien'
Red hair; dates Corey and Trevor; Lucy's best friend
Loves cats (kitties); lives in a shed
Rapper and DJ; 'Mr. T'
Steals barbeques; Ricky's daughter
Constantly drunk; favourite words are 'sexy' and '****'
Shirtless; huge gut and loves cheeseburgers
Caveman who dates Barb Lahey
Owns the Dirty Burger and has huge gut
Jim's police partner and dates Randy
Calvinist; Ricky's dad and fakes being in a wheelchair
Rapper; 'you know what i'm saying?'
Breast implants; Randy's and Ricky's child's mother
Julian's 'grandma'
Grows dope; loves April Wine; misuses words and lives in a car
Mastermind of the criminal schemes; always has a glass of rum and coke and black shirt

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