Athletes Who wore #3

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Can you name the athletes who wore the #3 on their jersey?

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Primary TeamPlayerYears*
New York Yankees1920-1934
New Orleans Hornets2005-
Chicago Bears1930-1943
Montreal Canadiens1941-1956
Los Angeles Sparks2008-
Oakland Raiders1967-1974
New York Giants (MLB)1923-1936
Boston Celtics1983-1990
New Jersey Devils1983-2003
FC Barcelona2009-
Notre Dame football1989-1993
Tampa Bay Rays2008-
Primary TeamPlayerYears*
Chicago Blackhawks1965-1980
Philadelphia 76ers1996-2006, 2009-2010
USA soccer2001-
Calgary Flames2005-2010
Minnesota Twins1961-1974
New Jersey Nets1990-1993
England soccer2001-
Edmonton Oilers1973-1980
New York Knicks2004-2009
Baltimore Ravens1996-2008
Miami Heat2003-
Seattle Mariners1994-2000

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