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Van Morrison as he remembered his brown eyed girl and going down the old mine with a transistor radio
Eagles, like a dream now, it was so long ago, as they remembered finding a sweetheart and holding her tight
ABBA as they sent out an S.O.S. for those happy days and wished they understood
Dracula as he opened his lid and shook his fist during The Monster Mash by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers
The Thrills about their friend, a Toronto born former teen film idol but this was a few years before his sudden death in 2010
Chris Rea on his debut album in 1978 about some guy on a wall but nobody knew where he went at all
New Radicals about a female pioneer of aviation who holds the stars up in the sky. Then they told us that someday we'll know
Chumbawamba in the film Stigmata (1999) about someone who may have been quite contrary or full of grace
Donots about a time when Frankie was going to Hollywood and Rick Astley gave us up, because they wanted to know where did it all go-go
The Beatles as they remembered being free as a bird, they also asked can we really live without eachother
Paul McCartney, with Wings this time, as he was walking through an African park one day and he saw a sign say 'The Animals Have the Right of Way'
Joss Stone as she wondered about who she could look up to and who could help her down this winding road
B.J. Thomas as he was wondering about what his Momma and Daddy knew and what they had to see them through the trials, the smiles and the tears
Eels as they wondered if it was all worth it. The blue light was flickering through the cloudy sky but it may also have something to do with performance artist Michael Portnoy
Jefferson Airplane at the end of Comin' Back to Me about when small things like reasons are put in a jar
Red Hot Chili Peppers after singing about the power of equality and what they saw as insanity
Kasabian as they were wondering where all the love went, in a time full of fear, full of anger, a hero's exchange for a telephone line
Guns N' Roses before telling us that they all got replaced by AIDS, crack and techno
Steve Earle about part of Manhattan's East Village and how there ain't no place in this town that a poor boy can go
Shane MacGowan of The Pogues, on a rainy night in Soho, after he sang her all his sorrows and she told him all her joys
The Stranglers in the Title Track of their second album. Someone got an ice pick and it made their ears burn. Rome burned too
Buzzcocks in What Ever Happened To. It seems it's the way of all flesh
Jesse Frederick in the theme for ABC TV Sitcom Full House. Somebody tell him please

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