Life of Brian - Which Python?

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Can you name the correct Python for each of the following roles in Life of Brian (1979)?

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Mrs. Cohen, Brian's Mother
Mr. Big Nose
Mr. Cheeky
Reg (People's Front of Judea)
Stan (People's Front of Judea) who really wanted to be a woman called Loretta
Harry the Haggler
Jewish Official at stoning who ended up getting stoned himself
Centurion who was also an expert in Latin grammar
Deadly Dirk, who claimed to have come up with the original plan to kidnap Pilate's wife
Pontius Pilate
Biggus Dickus
The sprightly Ex-Leper
Man who had taken a vow of silence for 18 years and lived on only juniper berries
Nisus Wettus the terribly well-meaning Roman Guard on the crucixion line
Jailer who seemed to be a bit deaf
Jailer's Assistant who seemed to have a stammer
Kind man who helped carry a cross but ended up getting crucified himself
Otto the Leader of the Judean People's Front Crack Suicide Squad
Lead Singer Crucifee

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