russian leaders 1400-2011

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Can you name the russian leaders 1400-2011?

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1389-1425grand prince of moscow
1425-1462grand prince of moscow
1462-1505grand prince of moscow
1505-1533grand prince of moscow
1533-1584grand prince of moscow/tsar of russia
1584-1598tsar of russia
1598-1605tsar of russia
1605tsar of russia
1605-1606tsar of russia
1606-1610tsar of russia
1610tsar of russia
1611-1612tsar of russia
1613-1645tsar of russia
1645-1676tsar of russia
1676-1682tsar of russia
1682-1696tsar of russia
1682-1725emperor of russia
1725-1727empress of russia
1727-1730emperor of russia
1730-1740empress of russia
1740-1741emperor of russia
1741-1762empress of russia
1762emperor of russia
1762-1796empress of russia
1796-1801emperor of russia
1801-1825emperor of russia
1825emperor of russia
1825-1855emperor of russia
1855-1881emperor of russia
1881-1894emperor of russia
1894-1917emperor of russia
1917minister-chairman of the russian provisional government
1917minister-chairman of the russian provisional government
1917-1924premier of ussr
1924-1929premier of ussr
1929-1953premier of ussr
1953-1955premier of ussr
1955-1964premier of ussr
1964-1982premier of ussr
1982-1984premier of ussr
1984-1985premier of ussr
1985-1991premier of ussr
1991-1999president of russia
1999-2008president of russia
2008-2012president of russia
2012-president of russia

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