Endocrine system hormones

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HypothalamusRegulates secretion of pituitary hormones
Anterior pituitaryStimulates secretion of thyroid hormones
Anterior pituitaryStimulates secretion of glucorticoids
Anterior pituitaryStimulates egg and sperm development
Anterior pituitaryRegulates ovulation and sex hormone secretion
Anterior pituitaryStimulates breast development
Anterior pituitaryStimulates bone and soft tissue growth
Anterior pituitaryPromotes skin darkening
Anterior pituitaryInhibits pain perception
Posterior pituitaryIncreases water absorption in kidneys
Posterior pituitaryPromotes uterine contractions
ThyroidLowers calcium concentration in blood
ThyroidIncreases metabolic activity
ParathyroidIncreases calcium concentration in blood
AdrenalResponse to stress
AdrenalMaintains salt-water concentration
AdrenalPromotes breakdown of proteins and fats
TestesControls male reproductive system
OvariesDevelopment of secondary sexual characteristics
OvariesPrepares uterine wall for egg
PancreasIncreases glucose concentration
PancreasLowers glucose concentration
PinealSynchronises biological clock

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