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QuoteMissing word/sno. of missing words
General Pepper: Our army alone can't5
Slippy: This is really5
Peppy: Aim for the3
Pigma: I'm gonna5
Leon: Andross has6
Peppy: I've got a5
Andrew: Stick to3
Fox: Sorry to6
Slippy: This baby can6
R.O.B 64: Location confirmed.2
Cornerian hard Boss: You'll never2
Peppy: It's quiet...2
Bill: The hatches2
QuoteMissing word/sno. of missing words
Falco: Pretty smooth2
Peppy: Slippy, watch out!4
Pigma: Peppy,4
Slippy: Fox, get this3
Macbeth BOSS: What's wrong?4
General Pepper: It's about time you3
Andross: If I go6
General Papper: You're the only4
Falco: Crud! We5
Peppy: Never give4
Corneria easy BOSS: My Emperor...3
Peppy: Incoming enemy5
Peppy: His armour is tough;3
QuoteMissing word/sno. of missing words
Narrator(intro): Corneria6
Andross: Those tin cans5
Caimen: Caimen here2
Pigma: I'll do you4
Slippy: Enemy shield1
Wolf: You're good,3
Peppy: Everybody2
Corneria easy BOSS: Stop moving5
Zoness BOSS: I've got a3
Macbeth BOSS: Step on2
Asteroid Field BOSS: I cannot6
Asteroid Field BOSS: I can't believe5
Andross: Only I have5
QuoteMissing word/sno. of missing words
Peppy: Aim for the2
Macbeth BOSS: You're very1
Sector X BOSS: Where is the1
Peppy: Aim for the2
Peppy: Be careful!3
Bill: Fox! That's one2
Leon: Not yet,4
Falco: Time to show4
Slippy: I'm monkey5
Slippy: Enemy ahead!3
Wolf: Can't let4
Peppy: Enemy down, wait5
Falco: Shoot! He's3
QuoteMissing word/sno. of missing words
Sector Y BOSS: What's wrong?3
Wolf: No way!4
Peppy: What's the big2
Asteroid Field Boss: Ha. You're not5
General Pepper: We need your help Starfox!4
BOSS in Sector Y: Cocky2
Leon: You're not5
Macbeth BOSS: I'll lure these4
Pigma: Daddy6
R.O.B 64: Slippy's ship is4
Falco: Scratch2
Fox: So Andross,5
Falco: I guess4
QuoteMissing word/sno. of missing words
Before each level: Good1
Area6 BOSS: Dang!3
Peppy: Do a2
Fox: We're gonna break3
Andrew: Andross' enemy3
Peppy: Use the boost to2
Slippy: I can see the5
Katt: I could4
Peppy: Aim for the2

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