The Great Gatsby

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Can you name the characters and general info about the Great Gatsby?

Updated Apr 16, 2013

How to Play
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Date of Publication
Cover Illustrator
Narrator's name
Who lives in this area
Narrator's Cousin, wealthy woman
Her husband
Area where the previous two characters live
Owner of a rundown garage
Wife of garage owner
Location of garage
Wealthy neighbor of narrator
Previous character's real name
Famous Golfer who has affair with narrator
Shady underworld figure, who may have fixed the world series
Real life figure previous answer was based on
Title character's rank in the Army
Later profession of title character
Mentor to title character
Subject of billboard
Billboard's most prominent feature
This is barely visible from title character's lawn
Type of car owned by title character
Which was this color
Character ultimately killed in this car
Which was driven by
Where the title character is shot
Who shoots him
How many people attend title character's funeral
Name one of them

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