Begins and Ends with 'Y'

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Can you name the words and phrases that begin and end with the letter 'Y'?

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The next to last thing in a letter
Disgusting, slangily
Hall of Fame football player Ron
Canadian region whose capital is Whitehorse
1998 country song '___ Ky Yay'
1942 film about entertainer George M. Cohan
The leader of the Tour de France dons one
What Paul McCartney believes in?
'Really? I'm surprised to hear that'
Exclamation of joy
Alma mater of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush
Delicious, to a young one
Like Christmas or your birthday
Might describe bread or beer
Words of warning that invoke regret
Old CBS western '____ Derringer'
One who is a coward
Queen's address?

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