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Can you name the People by their Tweets from Twitter?

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TweetPersonTweeter's Profession
'This is gonna be a dope ass day'Musician (M)
'Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 25 Obama 42, O'Reilly 3 'Filmmaker (M)
'Going to bed now. So I can be ready for MORNING JOE! A little Nervousola.'TV Personality (F)
'Finishing my 3rd annual letter. Writing on health, ending polio, agriculture and education. Looking fwd to hearing your thoughts too...'Software Architect (M)
'We are celebrating backstage! Such a moment!!!! We were birthed and went to church!!! Jesus is here - and he's gay! Ha xoxo'Journalist/Blogger (M)
'Good morning workout-now headed back east to Michigan, JFSCamp this wkd! Athlete (F)
TweetPersonTweeter's Profession
'When I go out and I don’t want to be recognized, I pull my Dr. Seuss hat down over my eyes.'Talk Show Host (M)
'GOP cuts released today will cost jobs and undercut American innovation–at a time when our economy can least afford it.'Politician (F)
'No wonder I've been craving pancakes. Just found out it's National Pancake Month.'Chef (M)
'Would love to scale conversational findings here to general public, but would need help projecting accurately. Great place, this Jungle.'Author/Journalist (M)
'It's #1 worldwide! That was fast! You're so radical! Here you Monsters, this one's for you.'Musician (F)
'Leaving MSNBC after doing a live shot on the Houston, Texas police brutality video. OUTRAGEOUS. These police must be held accountable.'Reverend (M)

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