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Can you name the genetic processes within evolution?

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Gaps - Phyletic gradualism/Punctuated Equilibrium 
Genetic difference proportional to time since last ancestor 
Not genetically selective or predictable 
Physical constraints rather than genetic 
Phenotypic mating 
Partly non-genetic
Mix of environment and genes create heritable characteristics 
Learned behaviours selected for as well as good genes 
Genetics can't tell us why traits have evolved if the selection pressure is no longer there 
Random genetic mutations create variance 
Deleterious alleles can 'hitchhike' and become fixed 
Random assorting chromosomes create variance 
Genes help organisms cope in changing environments, selection for or against 
'Diffusion' of alleles, some will by chance go to fixation 
Polymorphisms/Hardy Weinberg 
Random shift in allele frequencies 

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