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Can you name the things you can't get in scrabble because they contain multiple J's, K's, Q's, X's or Z's including p?

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settlement in north-western Greenland
Nordic capital
type of popular music originating in America in the early 20th century
ship with five pairs of oars
West-African capital
Italian for 'square'
plucking a violin
Central-Asian capital
Central-Asian country
Latin for 'also'
flat bread with toppings
untreated sheep wool texture
Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite
hit with the foot
Tanzanian island
largest city in New Mexico
certain king of Persia
certain king of Babylon
most northerly major island of Japan
least populous major island of Japan
sea containing Sakhalin (one word only)
most north-easterly Russian province
most volcanic Russian province
member of the 'buteo' genus
member of the 'mephitidae' family
member of the 'scincidae' family
Balkan capital
finger joint
Australasian capital
Scots for 'church'
huddersfield area
Maltese city
member of the 'dacelo' genus
oldest pyramid location

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