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Can you name the Office Character from the Clue?

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Who Keeps his M&Ms in Jars?
Loves Pink
Thats What She Said
Moved to Stanford then Back
Battlestar Gallactica
Management Training...Anger Management
Mung Beans
I made an oven mitt for Michael
Art School
Drugs, New York, Thailand and Jail
Previously had the surname Gould
Babies in Adult Outfits
Lasted One Day in Scranton after moving from Stanford
I never let go of a handshake
Smoking Is Going to Save Lives
I have Four Toes
I once drank hand sanitzer
Gil was my partner
I was in Prison
Suck IT
Where's Michael Snot
Im gonna kill Jim Halpert
Business School Guest Speaker
I had a heart attack because of Dwight
Schooled Roy in Basketball
I work in Refridgeration
Costa Rica
Moved to Nashua

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