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Which Australian rides for a Russian team?
Contador recruited who to show him how to ride cobbles?
Colnago provides bikes for?
Who won Omloop Het Nieuwsblad?
Di2 is made by?
The new Keo pedal is called the?
How many riders on one team typically start a race?
Le Tour will start in which city this year?
Who is world champion?
The three USA teams: Radioshack, Garmin, and ___-_______?
Who won MSR?
Rabobank likes which colour?
Which team has a Canadian sponsor?
France-Italy-Spain = Yellow-Pink-_____?
Vino won what race this year?
Jonathan Vaughters is the DS for what team?
The Tour of Romandie is in which country?
Cervelo had which two riders in the top 4 at P-R? (last names)
What team does Lance ride for?
Who won RVV and P-R this year?
Andy has a brother named?
Pozzato wore black at which race?
Who won 3 days of De Panne?
What bike does Milram ride?

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