Greek Gods and Muses

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Realm of PowerGod/Goddess/MuseSymbol
Sky, LightningLightning Bolt
Water, HorsesTrident
UnderworldHelm of Darkness
Marriage, FamilyPomegranate
Agriculture, HarvestSheaf of Wheat or Barley
Wisdom, WarOwl
Bloodshed, ViolenceSpear
Fire, ForgeBlacksmith's Hammer
Beauty, LoveDolohin
The Hunt, MoonHunting Dog
Travel, ThievesCaduceus
Medicine, SunBow and Arrow
Realm of PowerGod/Goddess/MuseSymbol
Wine, PartiesGrapevine
Hearth and HomeHearth
Epic PoetryWriting Tablet
Lyric PoetryCithara
Music Aulos
TragedyTragic Mask
Choral PoetryVeil
ComedyComic Mask
AstronomyGlobe and Compass

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