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CluesFirst & last name (unless specified)
Two in same year (1974)
Husband and wife - last names (Norma Rae and more)
Wrote 'punchy' dialogue for best pic boxing flick he starred in
Do the Right Thing
Acts, directs, loved by women
Oscar nominated as actress for Rosemary's Baby
Daughter of Godfather of directors
Brother scribes last name
His movies are...different; co-nominated with 'brother.'
CluesFirst & last name (unless specified)
Nominated with Brackett
Most noms of all writers
Indy king who often acts in films
Usually nominated for directing DeNiro
From family of Oscar winners (dad, daughter)
Lost for The Last Detail (1973)
Co-wrote Bonnie & Clyde; best pic director in '79
Two noms in 1986

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