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Can you name the Strictly A Family Quiz About My Daughter?

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HintKate Centric AnswerMore Hints
College friend 60's Pop Singer Lee?
Acronym for Rapidly Fading Home Media DeviceSpoken by Kate, Flaunting Her Spelling Prowess
Kate's First Dedicated Means of Transport Sparky's Son in N.L. European Vacation
Romantic Starting Point Fear/fascination character in Burke
TAFFLast F came up more than a bit short
Video Game of Kate's First SupremacyItalian Physician?
Neighborhood Sport of Dad's SupremacyHanging curves Aren't Always So Bad
Dorm Food StapleApple IT Product Highly Receptive To Amorous Advances?
Wonka's Disturbing AssociatesLike a sound From a Tuba?
Fragile Nursery Rhyme CharacterKate's variant, spoken as a toddler

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