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OccupationFellowYear presented
Film Director1971
Film Cinematographer1972
Current Affairs Television Producer1973
Film Director1974
Natural History Filmmaker1975
Film Actor/Director1976
Film and Stage Actor/Director1977
Film Director1978
Television Producer/Mogul1979
Television Presenter/Producer1979
Natural History Filmmaker1980
Film Director1980
Film Director/Producer/Actor/Writer1981
Film Director/Writer/Producer1981
Film Director/Writer/Producer1981
Film Director1982
Film Director/Actor1983
Television Executive1984
Film Producer1984
Television Producer/Executive1985
Film Director1986
Film Director1987
Film Director1988
Film Actor1989
Television Executive1990
Film Director1991
Film and Stage Actor1992
Television Executive1992
OccupationFellowYear presented
British Film Commissioner1993
Director of National Film & Television School1993
Television Executive1994
Film Director/Writer1995
Film Actress1996
Film Director/Cinematographer/Writer/Producer1996
Film Director1996
Film, Television and Stage Actress1996
Film Writer/Director1997
Television Writer/Producer1997
Film Actress1997
Film Cinematographer1997
Film Actor1998
Television Producer/Executive1998
Television Comedian/Writer1999
Television Comedian/Writer1999
Film Actress1999
Film Actor2000
Film Writer/Director2000
Television Producer/Executive2000
Film Actor2001
Television Actor2001
Film, Television and Stage Actress2001
Film Actor/Director2002
Film Director2002
Film Producer2002
Television Writer2002
Film/Stage Actor2002
OccupationFellowYear presented
Film Producer2003
Television Actor2003
Film Director/Writer/Producer2004
Documentary Filmmaker2004
Film Composer2005
Television Journalist/Satirist/Presenter2005
Film Producer2006
Film and Television Director2006
Film Editor2007
Film and Television Writer2007
Video Games Designer2007
Film Actor2008
Television Presenter/Entertainer2008
Film Director and Writer/Television Comedian/Animator2009
Video Games Creator2009
Arts Broadcaster/Presenter2010
Video Games Designer2010
Newsreader and Broadcaster2011
Video Games Designer2011
Film Director2012
Film Director/Screenwriter2013

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