Pennsylvania Governors (Post WWII to Present)

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Can you name the Pennsylvania Governors (Post WWII to Present)?

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HintGovernorTerm (Party)
Established the state's Children's Health Insurance Program; changed the death penalty from the electric chair to lethal injection.
Legalized casinos; provided property tax relief.
Established the community college system; created program to promote PA businesses abroad.
Passed the state sales tax; ended segregation in the state divisions of the national guard; outlawed the Communist Party in PA.
Established the Fair Employment Practices Council to police employment discrimination; Passed PA's first Right-to-Know law.
Became governor when his predecessor was elected to the US Senate.
Enacted the most comprehensive Sunshine Law in the US; established the PA Lottery to fund elderly programs; created PA income tax.
HintGovernorTerm (Party)
Oversaw a constitutional convention to reform the PA Constitution; expanded state highway system.
Oversaw Three Mile Island clean-up; created the 'rainy day fund.'
'Maker of Presidents' who helped FDR, Truman, and JFK gain their nominations; expanded library services to areas with little access.
Granted localities broader taxing authority; passed a law requiring equal pay for women.
Took over distressed Philadelphia School District; passed state funding for pre-school and extensive tort reform.
Passed the state's first charter school law and a 'three-strikes' law for repeat offenders; became the first US Secretary of Homeland Security.
Signed voter ID law; balanced budget without tax increases by cutting education and social safety net programs.

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