Pennsylvania Governors (through Reconstruction)

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HintGovernorTerm (Party)
Defeated for re-election because he supported the federal Kansas-Nebraska Act.
Chartered the Pennsylvania Railroad.
Limited banks to only issuing as much cash as they had deposited with the state.
Father of the spoils system in Pennsylvania.
Abolished imprisonment for debt; quelled the Philadelphia Nativist Riots.
Re-elected with 98 percent of the vote; started the State Works system of railroads and canals in PA.
Former Civil War general; suppressed Great Railroad Strike in PA and proposed recognizing unions.
Started selling off the State Works system of railroads and canals.
Held the Loyal War Governors' Conference to solidify northern unity during the Civil War.
HintGovernorTerm (Party)
Established public education in PA.
Dedicated first state capitol building in Harrisburg.
Presided over the 'Buckshot War' in which his party tried to remain in power after losing the election.
Moved the capitol to Harrisburg.
Former Civil War general; improved mine safety after Avondale mine fire claimed 111 lives.
Opponents failed to impeach him over his work as state treasurer.
Suppressed the Whiskey Rebellion.
Refused to enforce the federal Fugitive Slave Act.

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