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I'm halfway done with almost all of it Mr. Schue.
Uh, well, she, um, had to have her prostate come out.
Or I tell you I'm suffering from cluster headaches or I'm allergic to nighttime? Those things... not really true.
You nailed all my lawn furniture to my roof.
Your resentment... is delicious.
There is no joy in these kids! They feel invisible, that's why every one of them has a MySpace page!
That's sloppy! You're sloppy, babies. It's just disgraceful. And I want the agony out of your eyes. Uh-uh Lance, don't you start crying.
You would think that all the boys would totally want to tap this, but my MySpace schedule keeps me far too busy to date.
You think this is hard? Try being water boarded THAT'S hard.
There is nothing ironic about show choir.
Aw, hell to the naw. I'm not down with this background singing nonsense. I'm Beyonce, I ain't no Kelly Rowland.
Come on, accounting is sexy!
You might laugh because every time I sign my name I put a gold star after it, but it's a metaphor. And metaphors are important.
You think this is hard? I'm living with hepatitis THAT'S hard.
I think the rest of the team expects us to become an item. You the hot young lead and me the stunning young ingénue everyone roots for.
You don't listen, you do laps. You mouth off, you do laps.
Last month they held down one of their teammates and shaved off his eyebrows just because he watched Grey's Anatomy.
See, I might look like I'm confident and everything, but I really struggle with the same things other kids do, peer pressure, bacne.
But Will, I'm on my feet 4 hours a day 3 days a week here!
You're very talented... Yeah, I would know I'm very talented too.
Being a part of something special makes you special, right?
My long-distance girlfriend in Cleveland nearly broke up with me... Oh god don't you love a good monkey.

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