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When I was eight, we finally visited one [dairy farm], and after the tour and the yogurt tasting, my brother pushed me into the runoff lagoon
This is where our daughter or gay son will sleep!
Let me be the one to break the silence. That was the most offensive thing I've seen in 20 years of teaching. And that includes an elementary school production of Hair
Everyday Glee status is going up, and yours is going down. Deal with it.
Thanks to a school rule that says we have to let anyone join the club, we're welcoming a new member this week: Rachel what’s-her-name
I don't want my baby to grow an extra arm just because I live in squalor and I'm so stressed. So, I want you to run any and all tests you have
Can I use the auditorium later to practice? Our neighbors are filing a lawsuit
I resent being told to hold onto anything, William. I will not be treated like a second class citizen because of my gender
You want to be creative. You want to be in the spotlight. Face it, you want to be me.
Hell to the naw! First of all, you try to bust my face again, I will cut you.
Do you want to know what dirty little secret they don't want you to know? Girls want sex just as much as guys do!
I took the liberty of calling my pastor to provide a list of family-friendly songs that reflect our community's values
One day, you will all work for me.
A mother needs her respite; that craft room is the only thing that's going to keep you from going all Susan Smith on that little angel!
Oh, Sue. The dry-cleaners here are just as good as the ones in Europe
My father always said you become a man when you buy your first house. I not sure what he meant by that, since he burned ours down once in a drunken fight with mom.
I'm sorry, Coach Sylvester, but something is going on between Finn and that thing. You saw how it was undressing him with its eyes
I can see a chicken wing in there that you must have swallowed whole
I'm still learning how to walk and sing at the same time.
They're going to throw fruit at us. And I just had a facial.
I wanted to run some songs by you that feature me heavily on lead vocal
It is my strong recommendation that both of these students be hobbled
Remember the power motto girls! It's all about the teasing and NOT about the pleasing
Last time I looked I only saw 5 1/2 [glee club members]. Kid in a wheelchair.
You do with your depressing little group of kids what I did with my wealthy, elderly mother. Euthanize it.

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