Pokemon Quiz By ID Name (Unova)

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Can you name the Pokemon by their obscure but true descriptions?

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HintAnswerExtra Hint
AbundanceGround and Flying type
TrapElectric and Ground type
AvianoidPsychic and Flying type
TuskDragon type
HoodlumDark and Fighting type
ClampingBug type
CruelDark type
PaleozoicBug and Steel type
FormidableWater type
Thorn PodGrass and Steel type
SpiritGhost type
MitosisPsychic type
DrowsingPsychic type
HintAnswerExtra Hint
BoundaryDragon and Ice type
JudoFighting type
CourtingPsychic and Flying type
Shell OutBug type
Icy SnowIce type
Astral BodyPsychic type
IrateDark and Dragon type
AttachingBug and Flying type
DiaperedDark and Flying type
LuringGhost and Fire type
ChillIce type
CycloneFlying type

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