Pokemon Quiz By ID Name (Hoenn)

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Can you name the Pokemon by their obscure but true descriptions?

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HintAnswerExtra Hint
RushingNormal type
DischargeElectric type
HummingDragon and Flying type
EyeballBug and Flying type
PrimNormal type
RuffianWater type
Young FowlFire and Fighting type
TenderWater type
EmotionPsychic type
ManipulatePsychic type
Polka DotNormal type
ForestGrass type
StomachPoison type
HintAnswerExtra Hint
VibrationGround and Dragon type
JollyWater and Grass type
CarefreeWater and Grass type
DisasterDark type
FeelingPsychic type
ContinentGround type
TraineeBug and Flying type
DecieverSteel type
WilyDark and Grass type
GutsFighting type
SavageWater and Dark type
EmbracePsychic type

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