Pokemon Quiz By ID Name (Kanto)

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Can you name the Pokemon by their obscure but true descriptions?

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HintAnswerExtra Hint
Poison MothBug and Flying type
Triple BirdNormal and Flying type
PuppyFire type
InsectBug and Poison type
TurtleWater type
SpikesGround and Rock type
VirtualNormal type
New SpeciesPsychic type
LizardFire type
ShellfishWater type
Hairy BugBug type
LegendaryFire type
BeakFlying type
HintAnswerExtra Hint
Classy CatNormal type
FlowerGrass and Poison type
MegatonRock and Ground type
Hermit CrabWater and Psychic type
ShadowPoison and Ghost type
PincerWater type
CoconutGrass and Psychic type
LonelyGround type
ParentNormal type
MysteriousWater and Psychic type
BarrierPsychic type
Human ShapeThe type would give it away ;)

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