The Donkey Kong 64 Rap

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Can you name the lyrics of the Donkey Kong 64 Monkey Rap?

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First LineSecond LineWords in Second Line
Here, here3
So they're finally here3
If you know the words5
Put your hands together5
As we take you through3
He's the leader of the bunch4
He's finally back4
His coconut gun4
If he shoot's ya3
He's bigger, faster3
He's the first member4
This Kong's got style4
She can shrink in size4
She's quick and nimble5
She can float through the air4
If you choose her4
With a skip and a hop4
He has no style4
This Kong4
He can handstand4
And stretch his arms out3
First LineSecond LineWords in Second Line
Inflate himself4
This crazy Kong4
He's back again4
And this time4
He can fly real high4
With his pistols out4
He'll make you smile5
But Kremlins beware4
It's the last member4
This Kong's so strong3
Can make a Kremlin4
Can Pick up a boulder3
Makes crushing rocks4
He may move slow4
But this Kong's5
Come on Kranky5
Waltnuts, peanuts2
Grapes, melons, oranges5
Walnuts, peanuts2
Grapes, melons, oranges5

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