X-Men and Villains by Super Power

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Can you name the X-Men by Super Power?

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Super PowersX-men
Adamantium Skeleton/Healing
Teleportation/Prehensile Tail
Ruby Beam Projection
Weather Manipulation
Absorbs powers and memories
Controls/can change into ice
Generates plasma blasts
Turns into metal/Superhuman strength
Charges objects with kinetic energy
Sonic scream
Super PowersX-men
Super agility/heightened senses
Controls metal
Psionic blades/telekinesis
Telepathy/Diamond coated skin
Absorbs and recasts most forms of energy
Healing/claws and fangs/heightened senses
Winged Flight/heals others
Energy manipulation/ flight/ projection
Molecular manipulation/teleportation
Telepathy/superhuman strength/speed

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