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A)Killing curse
B)Turns into what you fear the most
C)Torture curse
D)Can only be fought with expecto patronum
E)Disarming spell
F)Magic that can destroy horcruxes
G)Harry Potter and the __________ of fire
H)Half horse half eagle
I)Spell that gives user complete control over victim
J)Author of the books
K)_________ shacklebolt
L)Ginny's best friend wears bottlecap necklaces
M)Ministry of _______
questionanswerextra info
N)Hagrid's pet dragon
O)Spell that erases memory
P)Nickname given to Harry's father
Q)He teaches defence against dark arts in the first book
R)Rowena _______________
S)Ron's pet rat
T)Magical item used by Hermione in the 3rd book
U)Last name of the defence against dark arts teacher in book 5
V)Truth potion
W)A fairly well known womens magazine
X)Luna Lovegoods father
Y)Nickname for lord voldemort
Z)Well known joke shop

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