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Number of staircases at Hogwarts?
Who was the Squib member of the Black family?
Most powerful love potion in the world?
Author of 'Curses and Countercurses' who taught at Hogwarts in 1703?
Spell used to animate suits of armor?
Object Dumbledore set on fire in the orphanage?
Spell that directs an individual or object to attack the victim?
What potion is a fairy wing used in?
Headmaster at Hogwarts during the Tudor era?
What potion are eagle owl feathers used for?
Aunt of Cygnus Black I?
Floor the study area was on?
What was the core of Ron's third wand?
How many knuts to a galleon?
Team Wood became a reserve player for?
Author of 'Unfogging the Future'?
Bridge destroyed by Fenrir Greyback?
Author of Hélas, Je me suis Transfiguré Les Pieds?
Book Hermione read and reread before taking her Theory of Charms O.W.L.?
Magical cookbook Mrs. Weasley uses?

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