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new york city nickname,red
florida fruit
james and the giant _____
red,marble sized fruit,often paired with another
most commonly red,green,or purple, used to make wine
reach for the stars
blue when ready, grow on a bush
red or purple when ripe grows on prickers
black when ripe grows on prickers
grown in warm climate, don't throw out the bent ones
thats not a lightbulb, thats a ______
red with small seeds,and you don't need a straw
92% water grown on a vine on the ground
grown in warm climate,and tough, rind not to be confused with a PINE-cone
this will make you squint and pucker
green citrus fruit, very sweet
lightbulb shaped ,very juicy,and sweet,grown in mexico or Hawaii
type of melon,rough tanish-brown skin and orange inside

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