Elbow Flexors and Extensors

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Can you name the Elbow Flexors and Extensors?

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First LetterMuscleOrigin and Insertion
BLong Head - supraglenoid tubercle & bicipital groove, Short Head - coracoid process; inserts - radial tuberosity
Bdistal 2/3s humerus; coronoid process of ulna
Bupper 2/3s ant lat supracondylar ridge humerus; lat radius
Pmed epicondyle humerus, pronator ridge of ulna; med lat radius
Tlong head - infraglenoid tubercle of scapula, lat head - post humerus, med head - post humerus; post olecranon of ulna
Apost lat epicondyle of humerus; lat olecranon, post ulna

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