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An animal owned by Emily
Contestants must pass Temple Wall and Old Pyramid to win
'What's the Story in ....'
Mrs Goggins and Ted Glen were among this guys friends
A polar bear controlling a floating volcanic island? Surely not?
Lizo Mzimba
Mother Nature gave the lead character magical powers
Dani Harmer stars as a hellraiser at 'The Dumping Ground'
Pat Sharp and the Cheerleaders
Tucker, Zammo and Togger
Follow the journey to White Deer Park
Andy, Helen and Joel are current presenters
'It's Friday, it's 5 o clock. It's...'
'Dedication' was the theme tune
Two boys fly around in an invisible flying machine
This chap had an acorn on his head
This programme is set in Weirdsister College
Mr Jolly, Why Bird, Poppy etc. etc.
Brian and Sophie Johnson displayed very odd parenting skills here

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