You Shook Me All Night Long

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Can you complete lyrics to AC/DC's 'You Shook Me All Night Long'?

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She was a fast machine
She      her       clean
She was the      damn woman that I          
She had the sightless eyes
Tellin me no lies
         me out with                      
Taking more than     share
Had me          for air
She told me to come     I was already      
       the walls start       
The earth was quakin
My mind was      
And we were makin it and    
Shook me all night     
Yeah           me all       long
Workin        time
On the seduction line
    was one of a kind,            mine     mine
Just another course
Made a meal out of me and      back for more
    to cool me down
To take         round
Now     back in the ring to      another swing

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