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Can you name the films described by these fantastic 'What If' scenarios?

Updated Jul 14, 2014

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What if...FilmStar
siblings were transported into a '50s black-and-white sitcom?Tobey Maguire
a weatherman kept reliving the same 24 hours?Bill Murray
a mortal was given god's powers for a week?Jim Carrey
an ad executive could read women's minds?Mel Gibson
a puppeteer found a portal into the mind of an actor?John Cusack
a boy wished to become an adult, and the wish came true?Tom Hanks
a girl wished to become an adult, and the wish came true?Jennifer Garner
a man wished to become a teen, and the wish came true?Zac Efron
an angel kept a man from killing himself on Christmas Eve?James Stewart
an architect had a TV remote that controlled the universe?Adam Sandler
a mother and daughter switched bodies?Jamie Lee Curtis
a popular teen and a middle-aged criminal switched bodies?Rob Schneider
a bride and a mysterious old man switch bodies?Alec Baldwin
a writer narrated a man's life while it happened?Will Ferrell
two teens designed a perfect woman, and she came to life?Kelly LeBrock
what happened in a board game affected real life?Robin Williams
a superficial man only saw women for their inner beauty?Jack Black
a former couple had their memories of each other erased?Jim Carrey
both pilots got food poisoning and an ex-fighter pilot had to land the craft?Robert Hays
a little boy was left behind on Christmas and had to fend off burglars?Macaulay Culkin
a man had to spend $30 million within 30 days in order to inherit $300 million?Richard Pryor

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