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Can you name the words below that end in 'scope'?

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A usually tubular optical instrument for viewing distant objectsin Carl Sagan's office
An optical instrument for inspecting objects too small to be seen by the unaided eyein a biology classroom
Device used in the animation technique in which animators trace over live-action film movementmaking movies like 'A Scanner Darkly'
Widescreen movie format used from 1953 to 1967in a theatre
An optical instrument for viewing objects that are above the level of direct sighton a submarine
An apparatus consisting of a rotating wheel so mounted that its axis can turn freely in certain or all directionsin a math classroom
A continually changing pattern of shapes and colorsin a toy box
A medical instrument for detecting sounds produced in the bodyaround a doctor's neck
An astrological forecastin the newspaper
Fiber-optic instrument surgically inserted through an incision near a jointnear an operating table
An optical device that uses infrared radiation to allow one to see better in the darkin the U.S. Army
Optical device for observing a spectrum of light or radiation from any sourcein an observatory
Instrument in which the variations in a fluctuating electrical quantity appear temporarily as a visible wave formin a laboratory
Instrument for recording the occurrence or time of an earthquake.near the san andreas fault line
An instrument for indicating changes of temperature without indicating the degree of heat by which it is affectedin Galileo Galilei's study

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