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Can you name the things that are abbreviated 'K'?

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K can refer to...Answer
This 19th element on the periodic table
This measure of purity for gold, or of mass for any gemstone
'Coach K', this basketball mainstay at Duke University
This prefix meaning 'thousand'
In text messages or instant messages, this affirmative word
The Köchel catalogue, the complete list of this composer's works
This geologic period of the Mesozoic Era
This unit of temperature
'Agent K', played by Tommy Lee Jones in this film series
This stage of education between preschool and first grade
This color, in the CMYK printing process
In physics, this type of conductivity
In Algebraic chess notation, this piece
This ex-President (and ex-First Gentleman) of Argentina, or his policies
The physical constant relating energy and temperature at the particle level
This poor result of an at-bat in baseball
In legal shorthand, this type of legally binding document
This word for 'fit to be eaten', as per Jewish law

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