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Definition 1WordDefinition 2
A financial institutionThe edge of a river
Difficult or challengingNot soft
A monarch, emperor, potentateTool for measuring length
To strike repeatedly with great force16 ounces
A command or a mandateSuccession or sequence
Not rightThat which is remaining
Quick or speedyTo abstain from food
A layer of paintA jacket or outer garment
To fall, drop, or descend; to not floatA kitchen basin
Not upSoft pillow filler
A web-footed swimming birdTo avoid, evade, or dodge
Reporters or newspapersTo bear down or squeeze
To make ready or prepareA man being married
To cease to sleepA ship's trail
To run away quickly, much like UsainOften paired with a nut
A round bouncy toyCinderella's party
An assignment or stationAn upright support, stake
10th place out of tenTo endure
To adhere, affix, or cling toA part of a branch from a tree
To stumbleA vacation

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