Dante's Inferno

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Can you name the sinners of 'Dante's Inferno'?

Featured Oct 31, 2008

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2ndTossed about by a violent storm
3rdLie in a vile slush of snow and rain
4thPush heavy stones against each other
5thSubmerged in the river Styx
6thBuried in fiery graves
Outer RingSubmerged in a river of boiling blood (Phlegethon)
Middle RingTransformed into thorny trees and bushes
Inner RingStranded in a desert, where fire rains from the sky
1st BolgeWhipped by demons and forced to march
2nd BolgeBuried in excrement
3rd BolgePlaced head down in a rock with their feet aflame
4th BolgeHeads turned backwards
5th BolgeImmersed in a lake of burning pitch
6th BolgeWear gold-gilded lead capes
7th BolgeTormented by snakes
8th BolgeEncased in flames
9th BolgeDismembered by a sword-wielding demon
10th BolgeAfflicted with disease
1st RegionImmersed to their necks in ice
2nd RegionImmersed just past their necks in ice
3rd RegionImmersed in ice so that only their faces show
4th RegionCompletely immersed in ice
LeftBody chewed upon
MiddleHead chewed upon, back torn by claws
RightBody chewed upon

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