Begins and Ends with 'K'

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Can you name the words or phrases that begin and end with 'K'?

Featured Sep 11, 2009

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The one play in American football
that moves the ball with the foot
'Samantha who?' or 'Doctor who?' type of joke
This band had 2 top tens,
'Good Girls Don't' and 'My Sharona'
1/100th of a Ruble
Palindromic Arctic Ocean transport
A bag with shoulder straps,
often used while camping
A stand-alone informational area
in a mall or museum
A trinket, curiousity or bauble
An eccentric, or in slang a n00b at surfing
Who loves ya, baby? Telly Savalas in this role.
Rochester, NY co., founded by George Eastman
Alaskan brown bear or island
An immediate and automatic reaction
Another word for relatives, they advised Jed Clampett to 'move away from here'
Ancient temple site near Luxor, Egypt,
or Inhuman cousin of Black Bolt
Pike's successor as captain on starship NCC-1701
Bribe often associated with government funding
German electro-music pioneers known for 'Autobahn', 'The Model' and 'Computer Love'
Hapless Nazi Colonel on TV's 'Hogan's Heroes'
Northern Iraqi city, center of Kurdish activity
Having one in your hair or neck is common
He borrowed from Warren Zevon and Lynyrd Skynyrd on his 2008 song 'All Summer Long'
Acclaimed director of 'Spartacus', 'Barry Lyndon',
'The Shining', 'Dr. Strangelove' & '2001'

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