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Flowering succulent often used for skin soothing
Captain Hook's right hand man
Great lake west of Ontario
Rick's love in 'Casablanca'
A type of margarine spread
Title character from 1997 Peter Fonda movie
Fencing weapon; french for 'sword'
Mrs. Charlie Chaplin (nee O'Neill)
Poker pot starter
Herman Melville's second novel, 1847
'Moby-Dick' captain
'Othello' villain
Double reed wind instrument
Capital of Norway
Queens stadium of the Mets (1964 to 2008)
Chocolate Cookie with white lard or cream filling
Nick and Nora's dog, from 'The Thin Man'
River of northwest Ireland
Largest species of dolphin; killer whale
Adam and Eve paradise
Musical piece for one voice
Newspaper humorist Bombeck
Urban region and river in western Germany
Dutch cheese w/red parafin wax
Islamic priest or mosque leader
Irish for the island of Ireland
Court sport; Jai ___
Russian supreme leader
Strummed stringed musical instrument
Jesus' cross inscription acronym

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