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Can you name the words that complete this food-themed word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
With the last rung, denotes a 'set price' menu
A measure of the sugar content of wine
Less common spelling of a popular sushi fish
To remove the fat from meat
Ingest the wrong kind of mushroom and you might:
Brew method used by most home coffee makers
A method of forming biscuits or cookies before baking
A harvested batch, as in apples
A group of farmers pooling resources (hyphenated)
Someone who works in a kitchen
Wine-bottle stopper
What bacon is
Clue4-Letter Word
Fortified wine
Common vinaigrette ratio = 3 ___s oil, 1___ vinegar
To remove the skin of fruit with a knife
Bill of ____; another term for 'menu'
Where your veggies come from
How some pies are served, especially with ice cream
It helps turn your leftovers into compost
Chocolatiers shape confections in a mold or ____
Some baked goods are done when ____ to the touch
A brick oven lets you bake pizza by ____
With the first rung, denotes a 'set price' menu

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