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Can you name the true facts about Troll 2's narrative and production?

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How many Trolls are in Troll 2?
What is the name of the town that the Waits family visits?
What is the name of Joshua's grandfather
What story does Joshua's grandfather read to him at the beginning of the film?
What song does Diana Waits like so much?
What is the shape of the birthmark that all the goblins have?
According to Michael Waits, Joshua can't________
What do goblins want to transform humans into?
How do the goblins transform the humans?
The goblins must tranform the humans because they are _______.
What is Holly Waits astrological sign? (Hint: nightshirt)
What beverage are the locals proud of?
What vegetable does Creedence use to seduce Brent
What is Creedence's ancient lineage?
What does Creedence draw her power from?
What does Joshua's grandfather give him in the backpack?
How does the Waits family defeat Creedence and the goblins?
What state was Troll 2 filmed in?
What nationality were the filmmakers?
What is the profession of George Hardy, who plays Michael Waits?

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