Twenty-four 24 Villain Deaths

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Can you name the twenty-four 24 Villains by their Death?

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DeathCharacterSeason Death Occurs
Shot by Jack Bauer (assisted suicide)Season 1
Shot multiple times by enraged Jack BauerSeason 1
Shot by Jonathan Wallace (sniper)Season 2
Shot by CTU SniperSeason 2
Shot by Jack Bauer (contrived self-defense)Season 3
Shot by Julia Milliken (part of murder-suicide)Season 3
Shot by Theresa OrtegaSeason 3
Shot by Behrooz ArazSeason 4
Shot on Habib Marwan's ordersSeason 4
Jumps from top of parking garageSeason 4
Neck snapped by Jack BauerSeason 5
Shot by Jack Bauer (defenseless when killed)Season 5
DeathCharacterSeason Death Occurs
Hyoscine-pentothal overdose, administered by Phillip BauerSeason 6
Blood loss from arm amputationSeason 6
Hanged by Jack Bauer (using chain)Season 6
Oil rig air strike by Air Force F-18 pilotsSeason 6
Poisoned by Udo on orders of Benjamin JumaSeason 7
Shot in White House by Jack BauerSeason 7
Car bomb explosion ordered by Olivia TaylorSeason 7
Shot at close range by Tony Almeida (stomach wound)Season 7
Poisoned by Pavel TokarevSeason 8
Shot by Jack Bauer (execution)Season 8
Disemboweled by Jack Bauer (cut open to reach stomach)Season 8
Impailed by Jack Bauer (off-screen)Season 8

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