Fire Emblem 7 Ending Titles

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Can you name the Fire Emblem 7 Ending Titles?

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Burdened Bishop
Wolf of Sacae
Saint of Swords
Children of Destiny
Suspected Mind/Famed Genius/Superb Mind
Angel of Death
The Light
Secluded Princess
Mage General
The Wanderer
Cheery Merchant
Flying Fang
Sublime Mercenary
Badon's Commando
Seeker of Wisdom
Outspoken Cleric
Swift Knight
Pious Mage
Wing-Borne Warrior
Impregnable Knight
General of Ostia
A Wildflower
Troubled Warrior
The Hurricane
Knight of Lycia
Desert Guardian
Wandering Knight
Studious Mage
Archer without Equal
Lady of Violets
Pegasus Knight
The Crimson Shield
Crag of Caelin
Archsage _____
The Green Lance
The Sword Vassal
Escort of Pherae
Thief and Spy
Mounted Swordsman
Wild Axefighter
Noblewoman of Sacae
Knight of Pherae
Serene Warrior

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