Names of German Concentration Camps

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Country/Type of CampNameNumber of deaths
Poland - Extermination and labor camp960,000 (min) 4,000,000 (Soviet estimate)
Poland - Extermination camp870,000
Poland - Extermination camp434,508 min.
Poland - Extermination camp200,000 max.
Poland - Extermination and labor camp200,000 max.
Poland - Extermination camp152,000 min.
Germany - Collection point100,000
Germany - Labor camp100,000
Serbia - Extermination camp100,000
Austria - Labor camp95,000 min.
Germany - Labor camp for women90,000 min.
Poland - Extermination camp78,000
Germany - Collection point70,000
Belarus - Extermination camp65,000
Country/Type of CampNameNumber of deaths
Poland - Labor camp65,000
Germany - Labor camp56,000
Germany - Labor camp42,900+
Ukraine - Ghetto; transit, labor, & extermination camp40,000 min.
Poland - Labor camp; Nacht und Nebel camp40,000 min.
Moldova - Concentration camp40,000
Czech Republic - Transit camp and Ghetto35,000 min.
Germany - Labor camp31,591
Germany - Labor camp30,000
France - Labor camp; Nacht und Nebel camp; extermination camp25,000
Germany - Labor camp20,000 min.
Germany - Labor camp14,500 min.
Poland - Labor camp; Transit camp13,000
Serbia - Concentration camp12,300

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