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Muscled Earthbender
Disabled kid living at air temple
Gives Avatar leaf w/ fire only
Previous waterbending Avatar
Wonky-toothed kid's protective mom
Healer girl who takes in Prince and Uncle
Predjudiced against girl benders
Girl in love with Avatar
Chief of Northern Water Tribe
Music man's friend
Saved as infant by moon spirit
Unloyal attendant to the Earth King
Prince's audience for pre-Avatar joining speech
Fire village's helping spirit
Avatar's old friend
Teaches Avatar to take away bending
100+-year-old friend of Avatar
Runaway fiance of Water Master
Trapped in an iceberg for 100 years
Overly cheerful refugee with newborn baby
Yang Fish/Moon Spirit
In charge of the giant drill
Leader of Omashu resistance
Fire Princess
Library-crazed professor from Ba Sing Se
Man who killed main characters' mother
Leader of the Freedom Fighters
Fell to doom because of stubbornness
Popular kid against Avatar
Mean 'soldier' who 'protects from fire nation'
Mind-exploding assasin
Leader of the Eastern Fleet
Forbidden to earthbend
Threw party on Ember Island
Girl bender teacher at North Pole
Broken leg from canyon crawler
Peaceful and retired general
Last of the Dragons
Omashu governor's baby son
Freedom Fighter scout
Baby delivered along the Serpent's Path
Air temple refugee
Leader of the Council of Five
Gan Jin
Island named after her
Gender-sensitive Freedom Fighter
Extremely short Freedom Fighter
Previous Avatar
River-cleaning 'triplet'
Lee Family Farm's owner
Annoying music man
Guard that was nice to retired general
Old twin
Man with a thing for puppetmaster
Fortuneteller predicted would have a safe journey
Avatar's airbender friend
Forces main character into avatar state
Music nomad's wife
Powerful earthbender daughter of rich guy
Enormous earthbender competitor
Refuses Avatar's help at first but then panicks
Boomerang Guy's new pet
Prince who lost his honor
Previous airbending Avatar
Imprisoned earthbenders on metal rig
Mysterious host at Ba Sing Se
Boiling Rock prisoner
Lost her mother in a raid
Only to escape from puppetmaster's grasp
Bloodbender puppetmaster
Alligator in the swamp
Current Firelord
The Face-Stealer
Friend of Southern Chief
Always losing his veggies
First male earthbending human
Merchant 'triplet'
One of 'elite fire nation teens' group
Lee Family Farm's kid in war who is captured
Lieutenant of prince's ship
Kyoshi girl fan of Avatar
Drowned by Avatar for killing moon spirit
Builder of great library
Acrobatic friend of princess
First female earthbending human
Avatar's 'flying rabbit-monkey', according to EIP
Fortune teller
Prince's momentary girlfriend
Swampy dude
Swampy dude
Prince's cousin
Ba Sing Se government official
Missing wife of Firelord
Old twin
Imprisoned father of earthbender
Mother of 2 main characters
Kyoshi leader
Boomerang Guy
Inquisitive boy who is against fire nation
Figurine for Grand Secretariat
Misnamed Freedom Fighter
Previous Avatar's wife
Good fire sage
Sings lame anthem at Earth Rumble 6
Princess named after him
Princess' fiance
Last of the Dragons
Mouth foams when Appa comes to Kyoshi
Mother of Serpent's Pass baby
Leader of the Rough Rhinos
Boomerang guy's Kyoshi friend/crush
Became second to desert and live
Mother of current firelord
One of generals at all-day war meeting
Yin Fish/Ocean Spirit
Fire nation girl with a thing for Avatar
Fisher 'triplet'
Old healer's cat
Black and white spirit
Help Avatar master Avatar State
Chief of Southern Water Tribe
Host of Earth Rumble 6
Comet named after him
Girl in fire nation prison
Stork-like and quiet Freedom Fighter
Knife-thrower friend of princess
Pet gorilla-goat
Imprisoned two main characters
Bountyhunter's shirshu
Communications worker on airship
Swampy dude
Has horns, tail, and arrow

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