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Can you name the festive things from all year round

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ChristmasDecoration that's sparkly
All/PartiesBlow-up Decoration
ChristmasSanta Rides In One
EasterFluffy And Cute
HalloweenMaster Of Doom
EasterMade Out of Chocolate
ChristmasBrings Us Our Presents
HalloweenHouse Pet Or Witch's Pet
ChristmasWe Buy These For Friends And Family
HalloweenShouts Loudly And High-pitched
EasterBrings Us Our Eggs
AllYou Invite Them And Give&Recieve Gifts With Them
AllYou Invite Them And Give&Recieve Gifts With Them
AllTaste Nice But Too Much Can Rott Your Teeth
ChristmasOur Lord
ChristmasTo Brighten Our Christmas
HalloweenMagical Being
ChristmasThey Pull Santa's Sleigh
ChristmasUsually Spruce

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