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 The surface of the tongue is covered in many _________
ORGAN PARTleft wall of the stomach that is thin and flexible
ORGAN PARTright wall of the stomach that is thicker
GLANDThese glands lie ventral to (in front of) the ears and 'secret' tears [sic]
GLANDForms part of the salivary gland complex; Lies inside the lower jaw on either side that produces most of the nocturnal saliva
 The Trachea is held open by these
GLANDForms the craniolateral (towards the center) and lighter part of the salivary gland complex; Lie beneath the mucous membrane floor of the mouth
VALVEmarks the beginning of the ascending colon
GLANDMiniscule ________ are embedded in the thyroid gland; CALCIUM
 The thyroid gland secretes this hormone that regulates metabolic activity
GLANDThe largest salivary glands, found in pairs on the ventral (front) border of the neck; Is caudal (towards the tail) to the extraocular lacrimal gland
ORGANBile-storing digestive organ that is not found in rats
 Round and dark colored _________ that lie between the digastrics muscle and the paratid
GLANDlie anterior (in front of) to the left kidney, usually embedded in fat
GLANDlies at the end of the trachea, consists of two lobes. Associated with maintaining metabolism and heat production.

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